• Download the .zip files from your account ( &
  • Go to: WordPress Admin > Themes > Add New and Upload Theme with the file you downloaded from your account.
  • Install Now and Activate the theme.

Theme Setup & Configuration

To set up your theme using the Customizer:

  1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Themes > Customize.
  2. Sapphire adds 2 new panels for customizer settings:
    1. General Settings
    2. Typography
  3. Make desired edits, change as much or as little as you like.
  4. Publish your changes.

Theme Builder Quick Start Kit

To set up your website using Elementor Pro Theme Builder:

  1. Go to: WordPress Admin > Elementor Templates > Theme Builder > Import Templates and upload the file
  2. Edit each template with Elementor. Use the existing elements in each template as a jumping off point, or delete as many or all of them.
  3. Choose the Display Conditions for each template.

Display Conditions

Template Title   Instance
Header Entire site
Posts All singular posts
Post Archives All archives
Pages All pages
404 404 page
Footer Entire site


Why aren’t my custom Elementor fonts aren’t displaying?

Elementor fonts aren’t included until you use them once within a template using Elementor. I suggest setting the fonts to display on a template you use everywhere like your header.

Remember to include the fonts on any landing pages that might not include your header (or other template of your choice) as well.


What is the purpose of this theme?

Sapphire is a blueprint theme made for using Elementor on WordPress. It’s based on the Hello theme by Elementor and works best when using the Theme Builder feature of Elementor Pro.

I don’t use Elementor, is this for me?

Nope. This theme features very little styling meant only to make designing with Elementor faster and simpler.

Can I change the fonts and colors?

Yes! You can change the font styles and colors in the customizer under Appearance > Customize.

Will my site receive future theme updates?

Yep! You can check for theme updates and update automatically from your WordPress dashboard.

Do I need a child theme?

Probably. It’s best practice to use child themes for modifications so that you don’t lose any changes when you update, but if you use the theme builder included with Elementor Pro and won’t be modifying any theme files you might not need a child theme.

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Even if you have past experience with web design or WordPress, if you’re interested in building a modern website you know you need new, up-to-date info. Website Noob is for anyone who wants to know the best practices for starting a website in 2020. 

No. Website Noob doesn’t have a lot of technical instruction, rather its purpose is to start you on the right foot with the core concepts of website creation.

Depending on your general tech savviness, yes. You’ll have all the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to make a professional website. If you require a certain degree of hand-holding when it comes to the internet, you may need more help than what’s in Website Noob. 

You’ll get instant access to a Google Drive folder that you can copy to your own Drive. The Content Vault folder includes templates for your blog posts and sales pages.

Entrepreneurs and business folx who struggle with creating the content for their website pages.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own content, then you might consider investing in a copywriter. A copywriter is someone who specializes in writing authentic content for high converting websites. If you’re not in a position to hire this job out, this workbook will help guide you to write better copy.

We believe the Vault will help you get your content marketing in top shape, but if it doesn’t work for you for any reason let us know within 7 days and we’ll refund your purchase.

Due to medical issues, Weekend WP was delayed from launching July 2019. Weekend WP will instead launch September 2019.

At launch, Weekend WP will be priced at $127 for unlimited lifetime access.

Weekend WP only requires a domain, and an active WordPress compatible hosting subscription. One premium plugin upgrade is suggested, but not required to finish the course material.

Estimated yearly cost of running a WordPress website = $265/yr

  • Domain = $15/yr
  • Hosting = $200/yr
  • Elementor Pro (optional) = $50/yr

Weekend WP course = $127

Real Cost = $392

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