3-day guide to designing with WordPress

Ever wish WordPress was as simple to use as Squarespace? It can be.

Inside Weekend WP I’ll show you how easy it can be to build a modern WordPress site that fuses drag and drop simplicity with the power and control of WordPress.

Weekend WP

Simplify WordPress so you can do what you do best.

WordPress is a strong foundation and with the right tools, it’s the perfect solution for creating a high-converting website.

Make a modern website that’s fast and search engine friendly in just a few days.

When you finish the course materials for Weekend WP, you’ll have a finished website that’s designed to convert visitors into faithful followers of your brand… without needing to code anything.

Using WordPress with a finely-tuned blueprint of plugins and themes, and in-depth lessons on how to use them, this course will teach you how to build a website made to be a conversion machine.

Simplify WordPress so you can do what you do best.

WordPress is a strong foundation and with the right tools, it’s the perfect solution for creating a high-converting website.

What can you expect from Weekend WP?

If you’ve done the prep work and have your content and design assets ready to go, you can expect to have a basic website that is ready for visitors in three days.

(Actually getting those visitors may prove harder than building a nice website for them to visit. Such is life.)

The goal here is to learn the system so you can continue to improve it, and replicate the process over and over with new designs and features for more clients.

Weekend WP teaches designers and other creatives how to craft a website built to convert visitors into customers.

This course is for creatives who want an easy but flexible blueprint for designing a site with WordPress. 

Maybe you need to be able to showcase services or a portfolio of your work. Maybe you need a web shop, or maybe you’re not quite there yet but want the option to easily expand later. WordPress has practically infinite use cases, and options for extending, which can be overwhelming even for pros. 

Weekend WP will help you navigate the options and finally build the website you’ve been planning all this time.

Weekend WP

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What could you do with 20+ years of design experience at your fingertips?

When you follow through with the lessons in Weekend WP, you’ll have a fully functional, beautifully designed custom website and an actionable plan for managing it and keeping it updated safely and easily.

Who is this course for?

This course is for designers and other creative entrepreneurs who want to offer their clients a better website experience. 

Whether it’s for your own agency or portfolio website, or you currently offer or want to start offering easier to use, fully customized WordPress websites to clients, Weekend WP will give you the tools you need (and show you how to use them).

Who teaches Weekend WP?

Natasha Cozad is a web designer & developer with 20 years of experience creating cohesive brands and websites. She lives in the midwest with her viking husband, sweet+surly teen, adorable wee babe, and a tiny warrior-wannabe doggo.

She built her first website in 1998 when she was 13 years old and transitioned those years of learning and practice into a career that has allowed her to constantly learn, grow, and help other people find their path as entrepreneurs.

Still have questions?

Due to medical issues, Weekend WP was delayed from launching July 2019. Weekend WP will instead launch September 2019.

At launch, Weekend WP will be priced at $127 for unlimited lifetime access.

Weekend WP only requires a domain, and an active WordPress compatible hosting subscription. One premium plugin upgrade is suggested, but not required to finish the course material.

Estimated yearly cost of running a WordPress website = $265/yr

  • Domain = $15/yr
  • Hosting = $200/yr
  • Elementor Pro (optional) = $50/yr

Weekend WP course = $127

Real Cost = $392

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